Michele Scardi

Professor of Ecology
'Tor Vergata' University, Rome 

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Welcome to my Web site

In this Web site you will find a lot of information about me and my work. It replaces an old site that was started back in 1996, when the WWW was young and I was full of enthusiasm. Since then I often planned radical changes and updates, but up to April 2009 nothing happened and I just kept adding, when strictly needed, new pages here and there, with no changes to the old layout. I am pretty sure the same will happen with this site in the next few years, but in the meantime let me welcome you!


The contents of this we site are arranged into sections that correspond to the entries of the menu on the left. Relevance and inner organization of these sections are diverse, and they depend on the type of contents and on the reasons why they are presented.

It's this page, where general informations about this web site and how to get in touch with me are reported.
About me
In this section you can only find stuff that is not of interest to the serious web surfer. Enter only in case you want to waste some time.
Here you can find information about my research work, including PDF papers and other contents.
Information about my courses at the Tor Vergata University (it is aimed at my students, so the English version is just a summary).
From this section you can download my data analysis and Machine Learning programs.
Here you can find some selected links that I find of use, with short comments.

Site navigation

The menu on the left pane allows navigating this site, which is also available in Italian. The correspondence between the English and the Italian versions is reasonably good, but they have not been translated literally, as some parts were written in Italian and then translated to English or viceversa, thus making it difficult to make the two versions entirely consistent with each other. In some cases one of the two versions is not available because it would not make practical sense (e.g. the English one for the pages about the courses I teach at my University), whereas I will take care of other cases as soon as possible (hopefully!).

To switch from the English version to the Italian one, just click the small Italian flag. In case you want to switch back to the English version, you have to click (guess what?) a small USA/UK flag.

From the main menu you can access secondary menus that are displayed according to your choice and only relative to the selected entry of the main menu. This way you can navigate through all the contents for a given entry of the main menu, but in order to switch to other contents you have to select a new entry in the main menu. A solid symbol on th eleft of the menu entries (a circle for the main menu, a triangle for the secondary one) shows the displayed page. At the bottom of each page you will find an arrow that takes you back to the beginning of the pages and a horizontal copy of the main menu (secondary menu entries will not be diplayed in this menu).

How to get in touch with me

The best solution is by email, both for arranging something else or just because I seldom forget something when I get an email message about it.

In case you prefer othe rsolutions, however, here you will find some useful directions.

By car

When I am not on the move beacuse of my work (which is not a rare event) or when I am not on vacation (which is - unfortunately - a very rare event), you will find me at the Experimental Ecology and Aquaculture Laboratory of the Department of Biology, at the Tor Vergata University, at Via Cracovia 1, obviously in Rome. A Google Street View picture of the entrance to our Lab is shown in the frame below. In the upper right corner of the frame there is a link (View on Google Maps) to a street map. If you are using Internet Explorer chances are that you are not able to see Google Street View images, and the frame will look blank. There are three possible solutions to this problem: to click the View on Google Maps link, thus switching to the street map view, or to relax the Internet Explorer security settings, or just to use a better browser (that is the recommended solution). 

Once you pass through the gate shown in the picture above, keep driving about a hundred meters and you will enter a parking lot, which is the one in the picture below. My office, evidenced by a red square, is at the first floor in the building located at one of the corners of the parking lot. The entrance to my office is located on a terrace at the first floor. 

Vista LESA

By (snail) mail

Department of Biology
Via della Ricerca Scientifica (no street number)
00133 Rome

email: mscardi(at)mclink.it

Riviera di Chiaia, 207
80121 Napoli

By phone or fax

University: +39-06-72595991
Mobile: +39-335-6795190
Home: +39-081-427022

Fax: 06-62275147 (always on, faxes are delivered by email)


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